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Have your windows lost their sparkle? Considering how tedious cleaning glass is, we don’t blame you for overlooking the smudges. But we do offer you a cost-effective alternative with our window washing services. 

Give us a call and then sit back and watch as we make the dirt disappear. We work our magic by combing the latest equipment, best quality cleaning supplies, and expert soft washing techniques to dissolve dirt, debris, and other contaminants. Trust us to give you results you’ll love.

What Do You Get When You Hire Our Washing Service?

Aside from streak-free, clean windows, you get courteous service. Our window cleaning in Lynchburg, VA, covers all types of homes, including bungalows, condominiums, apartment complexes, and mansions. 

Our experts deal with any kind of window, including: 

The Benefits of Professionally Washing Your Windows

The upside of glass panes is that dust doesn’t settle as quickly on the surface because it’s vertical. However, throw a little water or some greasy fingerprints into the mix, and all bets are off.

Regular cleaning has the following benefits. 

Window Cleaning Lynchburg, VA
Protects the Frame and Insulation

Have a look at the lower corner of your window frame for a minute. Chances are you’ll find remnants of insects, dirt, and water spots. All of these elements can eat into the window frame and the putty that sets the window. This erosion can cause holes in the insulation and degrade the frame, so it makes sense to get rid of it

Window Cleaning Lynchburg, VA
Better Curb Appeal

We understand that you don’t want people to see into your home, but drapes are better than dirt for privacy. Clean windows lift the appearance of your home immediately, which is a plus when you’re selling.

Window Cleaning Lynchburg, VA
More Light

Even though it’s only a thin layer of dirt, dirty windows make the home seem duller. We rinse that grime away, and you get a brighter home. 

Window Cleaning Lynchburg, VA

Most people let window-washing slide because it’s unpleasant and downright dangerous. Our technicians have the right safety gear and a love of heights that allow them to enjoy their work. 

Why Choose Evans Exterior Cleaning?

We’re your local go-to specialists with six years of experience serving our community. Here’s why our clients recommend us. 

Window Cleaning Lynchburg, VA
Outstanding Customer Service

Most contractors today use the latest equipment and high-quality supplies, so we make sure to provide outstanding customer service to differentiate ourselves. We deliver the best possible service and treat you fairly and with respect. 

Window Cleaning Lynchburg, VA

Over the last six years, we’ve worked on almost every type of window imaginable. In addition, our technicians have several years of industry experience.  

Window Cleaning Lynchburg, VA

We put safety first, starting with the products we use. Our cleaning agents are free from all toxic components. 

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