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Seasonal Guide to Pressure Washing: Finding the Perfect Month in Lynchburg

If you’re in Lynchburg, you might want to learn more about the best time to use a pressure washer on your property’s exterior surfaces. Which month gives the best results? Find out in this seasonal guide to pressure washing. 

Alternatively, call the local professionals at Evans Exterior Cleaning to ask about scheduling service. As Lynchburg locals, the team understands all the prevalent weather conditions and can tell you more.

Why Spring Is Prime Time for Pressure Washing

Spring is a wonderful time of year for many reasons. The warm weather makes outdoor activities more enjoyable, and it’s the best time to pressure wash your house!

Pressure cleaning in the springtime makes it easy to remove the leftover debris and de-icing chemicals that build up in the winter months.

Is there a need to remove spores from algae and other organic growth that may have been dormant in winter? Get rid of every trace with pressure washing, and then use the summer and the fall for continued maintenance. 

Leveraging Warm Weather for Pressure Washing in Lynchburg

Although spring is the best time for pressure washing, you can schedule an effective service throughout other parts of the year. In fact, scheduling routine pressure washing is one of the best ways to keep your property clean and looking its best.

If you don’t get around to cleaning in spring, schedule things for the height of summer shine. The advantages of cleaning in Lynchburg’s hotter months include the following:

  • Longer daylight hours. The natural light makes it easier to see the grime, and with longer days, fitting in the session is easy.
  • Sunny days to clean. Lynchburg’s summers feature some rainy days, but there’s enough sunshine to work around these wetter days.
  • Power wash options. The warmer weather means that you can use high-heat techniques without worrying about damaging the surfaces. 

Plus, if you suffer from allergies, pressure washing after the summer blooms fade can lighten your load. Pressure washing during the summer is also better for the pressure washers since they won’t have to worry about being outside in the cold for too long or slipping on ice.

Pressure Washing to Prepare Your Lynchburg Home for Winter

Are you considering scheduling pressure washing in the fall? This seasonal guide to pressure washing commends your foresight—pressure cleaning in the fall is a great way to prepare for the harsh winter in Lynchburg!

Fall is the ideal time to remove sap, pollen, and organic growth from the property’s exterior surfaces. Removing every trace of debris and pollutants that might interact with de-icing chemicals is also helpful before snow falls. You minimize the impact and don’t have to worry about abrasive compounds grinding up the surfaces under the snow. 

The Challenges of Pressure Washing During Cold Months

Although three out of the four seasons are ideal for pressure washing, winter makes it a more challenging task.

Typically, experts like Evans Exterior Cleaning don’t recommend pressure cleaning during Lynchburg’s coldest months. It’s generally ineffective because the water freezes as it leaves the hose. 

You can use hot water. However, this runs the risk of damaging the underlying surface due to the extreme temperature changes. There is also a safety risk of slippage on icy surfaces.

Since Lynchburg can have especially cold winters, it’s best to wait until spring to schedule your pressure washing session. Not only will it produce better and longer-lasting results, but the services will also be much more efficient.

Selecting the Best Month for Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to enhance your home’s exteriors while getting rid of harmful elements like dust, mold, and mildew. Although most pressure-washing companies are open year-round, it’s best to schedule your service when the weather is warmer.

When is the best time to pressure wash in Lynchburg? Is your goal to remove tree sap and allergens, or would you rather start with a clean slate in the spring? You can also always hire professionals like every six months for ultimate peace of mind. 

The Evans Exterior Cleaning team can help you establish the ideal exterior cleaning schedule for your property. Whether you need a deep exterior clean or routine maintenance to keep your home looking its best year-round, pressure washing can help.

After reading this seasonal guide to pressure washing in the Lynchburg area, you may have questions. Call the Evans Exterior Cleaning technicians at (434) 515-1297 to learn more about the optimal cleaning schedule for your property or schedule service!

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